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Together with young entrepreneurs we try to create the future


A vibrant community of talented entrepreneurs who blur the line between creativity and technology


We do what we love, we share what we do and imagine what could be

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the cee spot is the homebase of a vibrant community of likeminded people, called the CeeCee Community. There’s a lot happening in here! the cee spot is an awesome place where you can work together in the co-working spaces, or even get your own office to facilitate your company. Together we organise various  (creative) events like knowledge sessions, Lunch  Kicks, Partner Talks, Friday community lunches and drinks and workshops and many more! Come check it out!


We facilitate a diverse variety of creative entrepreneurs and startups in different stages of maturity and build an insanely awesome community. We offer flexible workspaces – your own desk or entire office, coffee, Wi-Fi. You can also make use of our meeting- and event spaces. Together we’ve built a great environment for young entrepreneurs, and there is room for more!


the cee spot is lucky enough to work with many different partners who gladly share their knowledge and experience with you. You can think of partners in accountancy, finances, legal, branding, mentoring- coaching, business model challenging, startup programs and many more.
Everything you need to take your business concept from a successful start-up all the way to a flourishing business!